Want to know powerful marketing strategies I recommend to my small business clients?

Well, you’re about to get 19 of them. Get your pen, get your paper, you’re about to learn strategies that will help you get more customers, make more money and finally stop worrying about your marketing. Read on.

Online Directories:

1. Optimize Google My Business Listing

GMB is the #1 local marketing opportunity. It’s free. There’s tons of features to take advantage of to rank higher in Google and get more customers, like Google Posts.

Visit https://www.google.com/business/ to set up your free Google Listing.

Our Google My Business Tips video: https://youtu.be/ysryNyQTYc8

Our Google Posts video: https://youtu.be/U5t6cfv7fSA

2. Optimize A 2nd Online Directory Listing

In addition to GMB, optimize your next best online directory listing. How to find out what that is?

“Goggle” search an industry keyword and see what shows up on the first page of Google. Find the top directory and then optimize your business's listing by adding more pictures, a killer description, and getting more reviews.

Online Reviews:

3. Get More Online Reviews

A strategy to get more online reviews needs to be at the top of your marketing strategies. It’s the #1 hack for small businesses to get found in Google.

I made a video detailing “How To Get More Google Reviews", check it out: https://youtu.be/9jB8bL1RTUQ

4. Hand Out A Card Encouraging Online Reviews

Remind customers to leave a review after they leave your business. Give them a physical card that shows them directly how to leave you a review online.

5. Put A Sign Up For Online Reviews

Remind customers that you are looking for reviews in your office with a sign. Use a TV in waiting room or behind the register. Or consider a Digital picture frame.

6. Reply To All Online Reviews

I see this strategy overlooked ALL THE TIME. When you respond to a reviews, you take the time to make a personal connection with your customer. Video Marketing:

7. Create Youtube Video

With Local SEO If you’re open to video, consider creating video optimized for local seo.

Business Branding:

8. Clarify And Simplify Your Marketing Message

The #1 problem I see with new or struggling business owners is their business message sucks. People can’t clearly understand what they do on their marketing materials.

To create clear messaging, I highly recommend Building A Story Brand By Donald Miller.

9. Put More Of Yourself In The “About” Web Page

I see way too many business owners afraid to put themselves in the About Page. A must do to create an emotional connection with your customers!

10. Improve Your Services Pages

Most business owners don’t understand how powerful their services pages is when it comes to local SEO

11. Add A Case Study Or Testimonials To Your Website

Adding either of these will build trust with your potential customer. If you’re a new business, collect testimonials ASAP to give the appearance you’ve been in business many years!

12. Review Google Analytics - Add More Content To Top 3 Pages

I’m a big fan of adding more content to your most popular pages. Even before blogging. This will help SEO and give customers even more information about what they’re looking for from your bis. Email

General Marketing:

13. Email Customers Consistently

If you have an email list, you’re sitting on a gold mine. Even if 20% of the people on the list open your email, those can be dozens of customers. Networking:

14. Network More & Be Memorable

Once you do the exercises in Building A Story Brand, you can now be memorable in networking. I hate, hate, meeting people who mumble around with what they do or are vague.

15. Leave Quality Marketing Materials

If you network with a company and pitch your services or products, make sure to have something to leave behind. Make visual. With testimonials. Not too much text!

Social Media Marketing:

16. Follow Up Networking On LinkedIn

Whenever you meet someone, follow up with them on Linkedin. This gives you an extra “touch” which makes it more likely they will remember you and what you do. Also, you can send a short personal note in LinkedIn to make an additional impressions.

17. Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is essentially a pay-to-play platform for the average small business. So, if you have a Post that you would like to reach all your following. Have to Boost it.

18. Create “Shareable” Facebook Content

If you’re like, “Blake I don’t want to pay!”, then you have to create shareable content. That’s going to be different for every type of business. A good start is authentic, entertaining videos. Your customers want to connect with you, the business owner!

19. Create A Facebook Event

Facebook loves, loves FB events right now. I once saw someone with 1500 followers create an event and it reached 18,000 people. How? Because people shared it AND FB promoted it.

VIDEO: 19 Marketing Strategies For Small Business