Google My Business is the best marketing opportunity for small business. And in this video were going to break down 13 Google My Business Tips To Optimize Your Listing and get you to the top of Google. As a marketing consultant and trainer, these are some of the same exact tips I give my clients.

If you want to get more customers and make more money this year, keep reading.

Look. If you’ve struggled with online marketing, it’s not your fault. Here’s what’s going on. Online marketing has never been more complicated and challenging. You Facebook reach is close to nothing, online ads have never been more expensive, and you’re right it does feel like there’s a million and one marketing things to work on because there is!

But, don’t worry, I can help. I believe Google My Business is the current great new opportunity for business marketing. I know you have a dream to have a wildly successful business. And I created this video to help you achieve that dream and become a master of your online marketing.

Let’s get started…

#1 Encourage Reviews From Customers

Whitespark Google Review Link:

#2 Order Small Thanks Package from Google

Order your free business package:

#3 Reply To All Reviews

Blue Carona's Tips For Responding to Negative Reviews:

#4 Order A Virtual Tour (a quality one)

Hire A Google Trusted Pro:

#5 Make Product Based Google Posts

When you make Product Google Posts, they will appear in GMB under the “Products” tab in mobile.

#6 Optimize Google My Business Description

Utilize all characters. Include keywords (words and phrases your customers are searching for) that you would want to show for in Google.

#7 Fill Out Your Attributes (and monitor)

Display information about your business in GMB Listing. Google is changing all the time so it’s good to check in every few months.

#8 Review Google My Business Insights (Analytics) to compare amount of photos with competitors

Keep adding photos and encouraging customers to add photos until you’re 10x’ing your competitors!

#9 Download Google My Business App



#10 Upload Videos

Both professional and authentic videos!

#11 Add Secondary Categories

Determine if your business could use Secondary Categories to tell Google additional information about your business.

#12 Study Your Insight Queries

Little more advanced. See what type of searches your business is showing for. Type those into Google, see where you rank in the local 3 pack. Make posts about these keywords.

#13 Turn On Messaging (AKA Chat)

This will fill out your Listing more on Google. And allow customers to message you throughs yours (or another employees) cell phone.

That wraps up the 13 Google My Business Optimization Tips!

VIDEO: 13 Google My Business Optimization Tips