Google Posts is the hottest new marketing for small business. It allows you to Post information about your business directly into Google! I’m telling my clients it’s the new social media for small business.

The new Thumbs Up feature for Posts shows us that Google is moving toward a more social function for Google My Business.

Google Posts display differently for desktop and mobile, so it’s important to study both. Mobile has many more features.

Let’s get into the 9 Best Practice Tips for Google Posts:

1. Post Quality Visuals

Use a 4:3 aspect ratio with a minimum size of 720 x 540 for photos. Post lifestyle-type photos that will visually represent your business. Avoid stock photos, if you can.

2. Post Videos

Make sure to hold the camera horizontally when shooting videos. Doesn’t have to be a professionally made commercial. Can be something more authentic. Think Instagram Stories.

3. Add A Call To Action On Posts

Google gives you the option to add several different types of CTAs to a Google Post. Use them to tell your customers exactly what to do!

4. Post At Least Once Per Week

Google wants recent Posts to show in the GMB Listing. Anything older than 7 days drops off.

5. First 80 Characters Are Quality

You can write 1,500 characters in a Google Post. But, only the first 80 will show in the GMB Listing. Make the first 80 count. Don’t beat around the bush with your marketing copy!

6. Use Keywords In Post Description

Make sure to make Posts about the keywords you want to rank for in Google. This is a little more advanced. To learn what keywords customers are using in Google for your industry use the free tool Uber Suggest:

7. Study Post Analytics

The analytics are basic, but you can see what type of Posts are getting the most interest with clicks. Do more of those!

8. Schedule Posts In Advance

If you are managing several store locations, you will want to schedule your Posts in advance so you don’t have to log into GMB for every Post for every Store. Consider a program like Sendible to help you with this:

9. Use The Four Different Types Of Google Posts

They are “What’s New?”, “Offer”, “Event”, and “Product”.

When you make Product Posts, the post get organized under the Product tab in the mobile version of Google My Business. This is a great way to showcase what Products (and Services) your business provides.

Google Posts provides a lot of opportunity for businesses to get their information in front of their ideal customers in Google. Use Posts to get more customers and grow your business.

VIDEO: Google Posts Tutorial 2019