Google's Digital Marketing Career Certificate (2 years)

From blank syllabus to fully built 6-week course on Coursera. Learning assets created include:

  • Scripts with overlays
  • Readings & case studies
  • In-depth activities with exemplars
  • Interactive plugin activities
  • Questions for four different assessment types

When creating the assets above, I worked with animators, SMEs, Legal, A11y, and DEI.

Course 2 earned over 148k enrollees with a 99% thumbs up rate. 4,800 reviews with a 4.8 rating.

Build out syllabus and content for Course 2 - 148K+ enrollees
Example of a video in Coursera. For videos we created speaking scripts, overlays, graphics, animations, and teaching tethers.
Example of a "plugin" animated activity. We scripted the activities and worked with a vendor to create.

Multiple Google Career Certificates - Bungee roles (1.5 years)

Assisted in 12 projects to launch and optimize several career certificate courses. Projects included:

  • Assessment training and assessment editing for vendor who doubled graded quiz bank to over 5,000 questions
  • Managing optimization for Digital Marketing certificate, which included reviewing 10,000+ learner flags and planning asset update
  • Writing the 18 scripts for the Introduction of Cyber Security course
  • Writing 200 assessment questions for Advanced Data Analytics (data science)
  • Update dozens of low-performing learning assets in Project Management certificate
  • Mentoring three new writers and training dozens of writers on assessment writing
Wrote 18 scripts for Cyber Security Certificate - Course 1

Google Business Profile Optimization Course - Self-published (sunsetted)

Created and maintained online course on blakestockton.com. 64 enrollees at the $297 price point. Only 2 returns on a satisfaction guarantee.

Homepage/Landing page for self-published online course

Blake Stockton YouTube channel

To sell the Google Business Profile course, created top-of-sales YouTube funnel. Over 230k views earning 4,300+ subscribers.

Most viewed videos on YouTube channel

Marketing Courses on Udemy.com - Self-published

Beginner social media marketing for results 2,000+ students
How to build a business as a social media influencer 2,700+ students

Fully built out, performed, and marketed two courses on Udemy (ratings were higher when course content was more fresh)

Udemy landing page for Beginner Social Media Marketing
Backend of Udemy for Beginner Social Media Marketing

Youth-Basketball-Camps.com website and social media (sold)

Created educational website about basketball camps that earned over 3 million website visits. Also created educational basketball training account on Instagram that earned over 80,000 followers.

Homepage for Youth-Basketball-Camps.com
Instagram for @basketballcamps

Consultant, Speaker & Trainer at Small Business Administration (3.5 years)

Created 20+ educational trainings on business marketing topics. 100+ presentation locations include:

  • City of Jacksonville export contractors
  • City of Jacksonville government contractors
  • University of North Florida undergraduate classes
  • University of North Florida MBA classes
  • Wedding Vendors of Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville Military Veterans
  • Women Business Owners of Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville Non-Profit Conference
  • Youth Entrepreneur Summit
  • Facebook Live trainings
Training on small business marketing at a Jax Port event
Training at Jacksonville Non-profit Conference
Presenting at a Youth Entrepreneur Summit
On the local news promoting a Small Business Week event
Presenting at a Women Business Owner's event